SEO Gold Coast

SEO Gold Coast (search engine optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is an important means of improving your website’s visibility. Essentially it requires the text writers to include key words and phrases. Even certain images and videos can help.

Typically the text writer would need to include words and phrases that would be likely to be used by someone searching the internet for a particular product.

Let’s consider an example. We want to develop text for MAICOM, an I.T. company based in Gold Coast, Australia specializing in website design and improving SEO of websites. First draw up a list of likely key words and phrases:

Web DesignGold Coast; IT; hosting; Australia East Coast; surfing; SEO, Search Engine optimization; over 250 hotels; economic boom; tourism development. The list can go on, but notice that some words are not directly related to the company – they are related to location (surfing, hotels etc).

Now work the words and phrases into the text. Try and use some of the key words in headings and in your opening and closing paragraphs. Obviously you must keep the text meaningful, educational and keep the readers’ attention and hopefully gain business. Perhaps something like the following will work:
“MAICOM, a design and software solutions company, is a leader in web design, SEO enhancement and IT support solutions. Based in Gold Coast Australia they are at heart of a surfing mecca and major tourism boom. This enables MAICOM to be at the cutting edge of design and technology as many global players are investing tourism development and allied industries.”
The key SEO words are highlighted to show how easily they have been slipped into the content. So in the opening paragraph we have met the SEO objective and also stated what MAICOM is about – mission accomplished!

The final step is to build these key words and others into the rest of the website. Another useful SEO tool to use is a map of your location and surrounding area (Google) label the map with the area name – in this example Gold Coast Australia, as this will also pick up browsers simply looking for directions in the area. Some websites add a weather link which also pulls in incidental traffic. In the case of Gold Coast you could even use a surf report link utilizing the likes of ‘Magic Seaweed’ or ‘Wind Guru’. Remember the more hits that your site gets the higher up it will appear on the search results – and that is the ultimate objective of SEO.

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