Why Free Is Not always Good For Your Business

Why Free Is Not always Good For Your Business

We have previously talked about getting established in your industry without seriously depleting your bank account from all the advertising and promotions. But there’s more to getting known and becoming prominent in business than merely promoting it in various means. You have to know how to maintain your position and improve it once you’re already there. One of the ways to being remembered by previous clients and being easily recommended to their networks is to get your own domain name, and have an email account under your domain. Instead of availing of the usual free email accounts from Yahoo! Or Google, use your own domain to end your email address. That way, you exude an impression of professionalism and competency to your clients and business peers as well.

The thing with free email accounts is that there are billions of users worldwide with the same email domain, and it is hard for most clients to remember your email when you share the domain with almost all of their friends and relatives. Getting remembered easily is a sure way to get you and your business to the top, instead of being referred to as the one that sells this product. With an email like [email protected], they are bound to remember it the moment they see a product related to your business. Satisfied clients can easily spread your reach to targeted and interested people by word of mouth, without you worrying that they have given out an email similar to yours, but belonging to an entirely different person or company. Being remembered is just as important as being recommended and being recognized. That is how effective marketing goes.

As far as branding goes, it is quite well known how people tend to trust those businesses who invest their money or time and efforts properly to show how customers can in fact entrust their money with the company. Consumers and prospective business partners alike love being associated with companies and businesses that are recognized and well-established. With a simple gesture as securing your email under your own domain, you can definitely attract potential clients and future business partners and connections better than when you’re using a free email account similar to what everyone else in the whole world is using.

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