Windguru Gold Coast

Forecasting for windsurfing and kitesurfing for the Gold Coast, Australia, you cant go past

If you arrive at this page looking for the wind forecasts of windguru, this is the WindGuru Gold Coast link.

So why do I have this post on weather forecasting on the Gold Coast?  As someone who used to paddle quite a lot I did have an interest in this information, but what I was really interested in was the metrics of the SEO visits to the SEO Gold Coast page.

A number of visits were derived by searches for WindGuru, which was due to the key word content contained in my article.  As a reinforcement that good quality content and keywords can help propel your search rankings, concentrating on other areas of key words that you would not normal relate to your site promotion, can indeed reward you with a greater return of exposure and results.

For any business online, reviewing and identifying target areas is a must and using tools such as google analytics and webmaster tools is one way of keeping watch.

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