Web Design Gold Coast

The Sunny Gold Coast

Think Gold Coast Australia! Are you bashing away trying to come up with a great web design for your organization or business when actually you should be out there rounding up business and making a profit? If so, no doubt … Read more →

SEO Gold Coast

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO Gold Coast (search engine optimization) Search Engine Optimization is an important means of improving your website’s visibility. Essentially it requires the text writers to include key words and phrases. Even certain images and videos can help. Typically the text … Read more →

Windguru Gold Coast


Forecasting for windsurfing and kitesurfing for the Gold Coast, Australia, you cant go past windguru.cz If you arrive at this page looking for the wind forecasts of windguru, this is the WindGuru Gold Coast link. So why do I have … Read more →

Email validation in MS Access

Looking for way to validate email addresses in your Access query, then this validation rule will help. Not Like “*?@?*.?*” And Like “*[ ,;]*” This rule will give you all matching invalid email addresses. Credit to Remi for this great … Read more →

Why Free Is Not always Good For Your Business

Why Free Is Not always Good For Your Business We have previously talked about getting established in your industry without seriously depleting your bank account from all the advertising and promotions. But there’s more to getting known and becoming prominent … Read more →

cron No Input Specified

You’ve created your script, tested directly via a browser and get the required results.  You then create your cron job, enter your email address to receive the results and then recieve the following email when it runs: Status: 404 Not … Read more →

Off the shelf or custom application? Run your company your way

Off the shelf or custom application? Run your company your way Each company has differing needs, depending on the industry in which it runs, or how the directors decide to manage the transactions and records within the company. Since almost … Read more →

Establishing Your Business With Social Media

Establishing Your Business With Social Media Social media were initially created for communicating and interacting with other people, basically to socialize and add friends. While this has been going on for quite a few years, we have all witnessed how … Read more →