Off the shelf or custom application? Run your company your way

Off the shelf or custom application? Run your company your way

Each company has differing needs, depending on the industry in which it runs, or how the directors decide to manage the transactions and records within the company. Since almost all communication, records, and transactions are being transmitted and shared electronically, ensuring that you have secure and user-friendly applications and software running on your company’s computers is a must. While many top-notch and high quality brands already offer their applications and software for public use, there are benefits that only custom written applications can provide your company or business.

Custom written applications, for the most part, cater and conform to your every need, following your business or company’s procedures and design, as opposed to your company having to adjust to the already packaged software provided in the market. You can have it designed precisely the way you want it to work, manage how the application stores, transmits, and protects data, and have all the features you could possibly need in one application instead of opening many individual software with differing features.

Selecting the best packaged software for your business is very difficult for your business. It may seem that it would cost less to buy the commercialized software off the market than to have one customized for you, but to be able to get the features that you want you will end up buying a couple more products than you really need. In this case, you even pay for the features of those applications that you would not even be using at all. With custom written applications, everything you want is in one package, and only you and your company can use it, thus minimizing any bugs, viruses, or security threats that are often associated with packaged software.

Another plus when using custom applications is that you are not subject to license fees and usage limitations. Once you have paid for the product, you have all rights to it, regardless of how big your company is or how many computers or electronic devices will be utilising the software. Unlike packaged, off the shelf applications that require you to pay an extra amount for a certain number of additional users, custom written applications practically spell unlimited use and warranty that lasts a long time. You can get priority assistance whenever problems occur, and your staff need not worry of confusing and complex programs. Part of the customised application order is an assurance that it will be user friendly and is made for the ones who will be using it in the future.

With custom written applications, attending and catering to the tiniest of details in your business is a must, and acquiring the essentials that best suits your business is guaranteed. Why waste your time, effort and money on packaged software when you can leave it to the experts to write a custom application for your business and automate everything the way you want it? Handle your business your own way, and prevent run-of-the-mill performance that just might leave you running for your money.

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